Self Esteem

Why live your life with so much regrets?!

Stop feeling jitters to start all over again

  • Get ready to be your own Redeemer,your own Christ!
  • Get ready to take Risk for a better future 

Life is all about taking Risks,feel free to try it.

  • Get ready to let go and erase memories of the past!
  • Be Idealism
  • Be Imperturbable

Tomorrow will never come if one depends on Yesterday

The devil lives in our mistakes,the Lord lives in our rights but who lives in Ignorance and who wins after all?



Death why ? 

Why are you so comfortable in breaking homes? 

Breaking Families,relationships and communities !

Are you not satisfied with the number of Orphans u made?

How about the helpless widows crying to sleep every night ?

Why do you feel so comfortable breaking us from our loved ones? 

Don’t you ever get tired breaking our hearts ?

Can’t you see,you’re never welcomed ?

You torn us apart before we are fully ready !

Wish u can go away and never come back !